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Unmotivated Monday -> Motivated Monday

Have you had those moments where you are unmotivated? You look at life and want more out of it and just want to fast forward a bit? That's where I'm at. We had SUCH a lovely weekend, but it's Monday and I'm a bit apathetic.



Why are Mondays hard?

I've been seeing a life coach for a few months now. Let me tell you, it's life-changing! Through this process, I'm learning to recognize thought patterns and feelings those thoughts create.

I have a thought like "Gosh, this weekend was just so fun. I wish it could still be the weekend." This thought leads to wishing I was somewhere else instead of right where I am. It leads to apathy for today. I'm longingly looking at the past and wishing I was there but also looking ahead to next weekend wishing I was there. Instead, why am I not looking at today as a stepping stone and a place I would want to be? Rather than thinking thoughts of not being "here", maybe I can think thoughts of "here gets me there".

Looking beyond the weekend, I also have caught myself reflecting on the future. "Gosh, won't it be nice when we have more money, when I can stay home with the kids, when my editing can support our needs, when ..." Don't get me wrong, it's important to dream, but it's equally, if not more, important to look at today as a step to your dreams.

So, today I'm changing my perspective. I'm looking at work and the Monday duties as a step toward the weekend and toward my goals and dreams for my family's future.

My work today seems monotonous, but I'm grateful that I am able to jot down a few ideas because of that monotony. I am grateful for the work that I have that supports our family in the perfect way for right now. I'm grateful that it allows for flexibility and creativity. I'm grateful that it's a remote position. I'm grateful for the babysitters that allow me to work effectively. I'm grateful for my husband who supports our family both physically and mentally.

This is a jam-packed week with my 2 yr old's well-child check, his BIRTHDAY and the birthday party. I'm going to slay the day (is that still a hip phrase?) I'm going to crush the week and make it the best week yet.

Here's to my little guy's birthday week!


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