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Just finished: Queen by Karen Lynch

At work this week, we did a strength-finder activity. My top 3 strengths are as follows: Input, Intellection, Learner. I think that's why I love editing - noticing all of the details while learning something new. But I also feel a need to share in intellectually stimulating conversation. All of this to say: I've decided to start writing my thoughts about what I'm reading or listening to!

I don't always read intellectually stimulating books - I like my fantasy, thrillers, and romance like most - but I really like to THINK when I'm reading. If it isn't making me think (try to solve a problem, murder, crime or who loves whom), then I don't really enjoy it. I hope you enjoy some of the thoughts about my latest reads/listens!

Without further ado, I'd like to chat about Queen by Karen Lynch.

A friend introduced me to Pawn and I was hooked. I found it a super easy read, so I enjoyed picking it up in the evenings after putting the kiddos to bed or if I couldn't sleep. The problem there, though, is one night I stayed awake for hours because I was so sucked in and had to finish it!

Karen Lynch has a way of ending these books with a TOTAL cliffhanger. Quite infuriating, actually. While waiting for Queen to come out, I got sucked into other books and series (more on those later), so it has taken a minute to get back to reading this series.

Don't worry, though, I won't spoil it for you.

I really enjoyed the imagination in creating the Faerie realm. I sometimes struggle with high fantasy books, but this was perfect. It was the perfect balance of familiarity to our human lives and introducing the idea that Faeries could exist and live right alongside us humans. But what would change? EVERYTHING! I loved that the main character, Jesse, was a bounty hunter for these creatures who were dangerous or broke the law.

I had the thought multiple times that it almost feels like one book that the author chopped into three. (remember the cliffhangers?) But I really appreciated that all three books had a strong connection for the continuation of the storyline.

The missions and events in Queen felt very much appropriate and not out of place for the characters, but I felt like there was a bit of a rush to end the book. The pacing through the other books and the beginning of Queen was spot on. Yes, all of the loose ends were tied up, but it felt like a sprint to tie everything up. What previously was described in a lot of detail was cut short. For example – without giving anything away – the last challenge for Jesse was completed in a couple of paragraphs whereas the other challenges were described over several pages.

One thing I've appreciated about Pawn and Knight is that they were pretty clean. I felt totally comfortable recommending them to my friend's pre-teens to read. Queen, on the other hand, had a steamy section. I'll be the first to admit that I really don't mind the steamy, but I will have to think twice about referring a pre-teen to read it.

All in all, I would rate this 4.5 stars. An easy read and worth the escape.

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